Random Thoughts...: 05/01/2004 - 06/01/2004


Friday, May 28, 2004

i see happiness in her face... she waited quite long enuff for this. i wont pray and curse it, let things just be. 'K'

Thursday, May 27, 2004

i'm my worst enemy! save me from my self. free me from my self. death isnt the solution...

words to mind maketh no sense, shadow at hind taketh no resemblence

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

y ask me questions that i dont have answers to? y think of thoughts that tend to submerge me to numbness? reverting to lost ways? trying to find identity to shadows that lurk behind? y cant i just think straight? y cant i just let things go? my 'fake-ness' has the upper hand, may be its better that way?

i cough and it feels as if my lungs gona pop out or pop up inside :\

decending to splitting ways, corridors of life, leading one to another. door, exit from one place or entrance to another... doesnt matter cant find a door anyways. going around in circles. lol, gona end up 'dai ja vue'ing a 'dai ja vue'

electrical machines tomorrow, i hope it goes good. atleast break the decendence order :S

Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Reason- Hoobstank

splitting into multiplicity of me...
it never did end did it? right to one is wrong to another, its just how u think abt it. a way of living to one may be end of life to another. so who decides good or bad?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

"zindagi ka koi maqsad mila?" (M-H) i still havent have i? third time ive been asked that and still... y is it so hard? simple question but no simple answer. atleast i dont have it for me.

hurt ur self more so that nothin hurts u more, disgrace ur self more so that nothin else can disgrace u more. love ur self more so that u dont need any more love. thats a good thing rite? blaah! nohtin is good. everything seems to blow up at ur face. and damn u Abrar Baig for being such prick of a teacher.(dig)

so i still want to see my self sitting there. but i cant. i cudnt. never was meant to. i always ignored it so its better this way :) aint it. everyone happy happy :) even that bitch

drinking all that coffee... high on caffine... did make me feel good? it didnt make me feel bad either, apart from my week body that is... but thats another issue. caffine actually felt good :\ but still, week body will make me end up in the wrong hereafter...

mom coming on 23rd, dad around early june. hoping for the best...

next paper network on thursday :S

Sunday, May 09, 2004

those days when love seemed to be so seemless, lust was it all? cant be sure... still havent figured love out yet. if love was it all, then heart broken i was more than once. why do they all seem to vanish into thin air? why do they depart without a signal?

we r given the power to think for our selves, make choices, learn from wat we see. learn we do, but the hard way. fire doent burn till it actually gives u a burn.

time heels all wounds... but wat abt the wounds that time gave?

lol i'm suppose to be doin electronics :\ dunno y i keep blogging here :s

turn away dont go that way
burn away dont go that way

torn thru my soul has these words of hatred, born i was this way, changed i have on every tear.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

dont know wat to write... gone blank.. have been trying to study.. but this flu thingy.. or watever its called is making me feel weird. all i wana do is sit.. sick of lying down too :\ sick of being sick.. hell sick of everything :\ examz havnt even started yet and i'm already sick of em :| parents r coming to khi.. dunno wats gona happen... hoping for the best for all.. a days' life it is...