Random Thoughts...: 04/01/2005 - 05/01/2005


Thursday, April 21, 2005

*its like my dad has no interest in what ive to say, and he no interest in what i can do. if thats how he wants it to be, so shall it be. may be i have nothing to offer to him, or to anyone else for that matter.

*she came to visit 2 days b4, y? may be coz i didnt go there for a while now. but for what. its all going to end after we move from here :)

*as he talked on about how 'he' will die n how hard its going to be on everyone n all.. i couldnt give a fuck abt it :/ for all i cared was for him to die and get it over with. there was this movie on a couple of days back with explosions and ppl dieing n all.. as i watching it, i realised i had this smirk on my face :/ cold.. how did i become so cold?

*on a another note, ive got high blood pressure. dont know howd that happen... but i do. and due to which liquid refuses to stay in my body... all the liquid i intake gets pissed out or sweat out and that too quite fast :/ so i mite end up lying faint on the side walk one of these days :D

Monday, April 18, 2005

i am evil. really i am. i can curse someone from within my heart, and it happens! they actually get cursed. i tend to make bad things happen just like that :/ ppl say dua karo keh yeh ho jaiy... dua karo woh ho jaiy... its like tell me if u dont want that particular thing to happen :|

khair i did curse someone, and it happend :) i am not proud of the fact, but still it happened. every two months or so, a friend's relative dies. ive been to the graveyard more in past 8 months than i have in 3 years. same place, and somewhat the same time. when people were crying here and there, i would be standing in a corner wondering if i can get a glass of water :/

i'm not feeling much of anything these days. ive gone cold :) may be thats the only way you can survive. caring about other people before yourself doesnt return much of anything, coz they will screw u first chance they get.

quite alot of random thoughts. who cares if they arnt important :)