Random Thoughts...: 01/01/2007 - 02/01/2007


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

laughter depression... an interesting notion. it is true though. people who laugh too much feel like shit later :/

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i hate this feeling of worthless-ness :/ day in day out its the same and damn im bored :| when it was unishitty had no time to do anything else.. now i cant find that 'anything else' that i so wanted to do :p

the thing i dont get (although there alot of other things i dont get but lets not go there as of yet :p) is why my PC refuses to stay alive for more than 6 months :/ i see my friend's PCs working flawlessly for years and then i look at mine. afraid of even moving it that it might break down :p

i cant think of anything else to 'blog' about right now.. may be later. right now im just too bored :/

Monday, January 15, 2007

somewhat a year since i posted last. i kind of lost interest in blogging, though i know it quite well how its a place to unburden my thoughts. well thats how i am, suddenly i lose interest in stuff... but i keep thinking about it.

nothing has changed much, apart from the fact that im done with my bachelors, awaiting results though.

hanging out with friends really gives you peace of mind... even if most of the time we'r argueing about one thing or another :P i have some great laughs with friends... but laughing alot has its downside.. when your alone, you feel like shit :| dont know why, its just how it is.

its a new year. a new beginning. thus it should mark the end of the 'old' me and start of a 'new' me. doesnt make much sense to you... but its crystal clear to me :)

i still dont get it. why do people i know so well, just dissappear from my life :/ or may be i never knew them at all. quite alot of random thoughts :p

i need to get a job. i know that, but still people keep telling me that :/ it quite annyoing now. four years of unishitty and im sitting home, because suddenly people decided that the market for electronic engineers is saturated :/ but i havent lost hope, as the 'shareef' way isnt working... ima pull some strings. thats how this country works.

after 3 years away from saudia, ive come to realise how i loved that place :( how i would give anything for a visit. though i doubt if i would like to live there again. because quite frankly its boring there.. but what i miss is the peace... the Umrahs.. how i miss those Eids in Makkah :( for 18 years, without a miss, i spent the Eid-ul-Fitr in Makkah. most of the Riyadhians would be there.. and it was so much fun. i just didnt realise that when i was there. you dont realise alot of things untill you dont have it anymore :/ its human nature. it sucks though!

everyone i meet assumes that i'll be getting engaged soon. or they just tell me to get engaged now that im farigh from unishitty. as intriguing as it may sound :p i dont want to.

i wana get a job. i want all the luxuries i had back in saudia.. i wana give my parents all the luxuries they had in saudia. they were there most of their lives, they've become used to them. and i shall one day INSHALLAH give all that back to them. from all those who walked away from my life, one thing is for sure... my parents wont be one of them. beautiful people they are. just beautiful :)

enough for a come back blog :p
till we meet again
may the force be with you :D