Random Thoughts...: 05/01/2008 - 06/01/2008


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Elevators... as much as they are a blessing, can be quite awkward of a place to be. like youre standing in a space of 4x4 with absolute strangers breathing on each other if the elevator is full.. with who knows what the other person is looking at. and its even more awkward if youre alone in the elevator with one other person. you look at him, he looks at you and both of you are thinking if he should say anything to the other person. you think of making small talk with him, then you bite your tongue thinking maybe you'll appear to be a total weirdo.

i had a meeting with telenor today, who very conveniently have their office on the top floor, so i took the elevator. i got in the elevator with another guy and a girl. the guy being in mid 40s stood there looking dead. like he didnt move at all, he was just standing there looking straight at me till the top floor. or maybe he was just too tired to blink :/ his stare was freaky enough to make anyone uncomfortable :/ and then there was this girl who kept blowing her bubble gum and poping it.. like come on :s its a good thing she got off on the middle floor else i would have choked her with her own bubble gum in the elevator :| well not really but thats how much she got on my nerves :/ i kept my distance with the freaky guy though :|

moral of the story? behave people! dont make the elevator anymore awkward experience then it already is! if youre weird, take the stairs :p

Saturday, May 03, 2008

two weeks in hyderabad region in my line of work is more than enough to make one appreciate what bliss it is to be at home. to sleep in your own bed.. to sleep on a bed at all for that matter :/ i would write more, but my head is taking a nap. so i'll go take a nap too :/