Random Thoughts...: 12/01/2007 - 01/01/2008


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jaali Adventures... Journey back home.

so the train is only 1.5 hours late :/ due to some major mix up at the admin side in the office we are forced to take a crappy train home or to do eid at Lahore :@

had an omelet and two slices of bread breakfast for rs 55/- and it was a chicken egg :/

freakn train is stopping at every possible station :| according to the scedule were are to reach khi by 01:30 but the way this train is moving that is very unlikely :/

my feet are warm again :D yes it is something to be happy about considering my feet were cold throughout the week :/

as soon as the train stops some weirdo gets in to sell something. And this train dining guy comes along every 10 minutes to sell tea. Its creepy how much tea he is willing to pour down people's belly :|

restrooms in a train are bad enough to leave you shitless for a week *nods* :| note to self... Restroom is not worth getting killed over nor leaving your self shitless untill you get over the after effects of the horrorific images that are scorched at the back of the head while in the enclosed space of 2x2 :|

me and my friend decided to take a stroll around the train and eat something on the 'resturant on wheels'. As cool as it sounds it was actually very crappy. Ive seen pathan hotels better than that :p so we ate and made our way to our seats. Upon reaching there we found a mid 40s guy sitting there talking on his cell and eating peanuts :/ i told the guy nicely that its my seat and want to sit there. The guy looks at me and says 'haan baith jao' i sat thinking that he would move after he hangs up. So he kept yapping on the phone for another 10 minutes. Finally he hung up. Then he looks at me and offers me peanuts. In like wtf :s and stared at him. He kept eating his peanuts, after a while he was out of peanuts. Finally now he would get up. But no :/ he started making small talk with me. My friend looks at me and goes like what is his problem. I asked him nicely that its my seat and if he would kindly get off it. He refused and goes like 'kya kar logay' :| i was about to punch him in the face but my friend interveiend and talked him off the seat. It turns out that the guy was actually the train driver or whatever its called in train-rank and he was just playing around to pass time :/ I swear i was so pissed at him.

train stopped at Rorhi/sukkur. My friend got off here. Now its 6 more hours to khi alone :( tomorrow is such a hectic day ahead :/ the force is on longer with me. Someone took the force and flushed it down the drain :/

khi is no where near and i was supposed to be in khi at this time :@

Karachi AHOOYY!! :D the train has reached the outskirts of khi...soon this nightmare will be over :/

home sweet home :D


Friday, December 14, 2007

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, it's enemy action.

Jaali Adventures, Search for civilization...

We get off work, me and my friend, around 6ish after which there is nothing to do :/ the office and company residence is in area called Thokar Niaz Biag. Its like a total residential area. Civilization to me is like when i see shops and resturants around. So today me and my friend decide to embark on a holy mission to find civilization. Mysteriously there are no taxis in lahore..i havnt seen one yet :p after dark the whole area becomes creepy and quiet. We started walking to search for a rickshaw or a bus or something. We walked and walked and walked. Hell we walked alot untill we actually found a genuine bus stop..ALAS! A sign of civilization! We took a sigh of relief that yes people do actually live here and this area isnt just filled with endless houses and dead people :/ its quite cold here, it is to me atleast :/ after a while standing on the stop a bus came. A real life bus :D we boarded the bus and sat down. We didnt know where the bus was headed though. After inquiring from the conductor we found out that the bus wasnt headed where important atleast :/ kher we sat there for some 20 minutes.. It had to pass thru somewhere with shops and resturants..emphasis on resturants coz we were hungry and quite bored :/ we were looking keenly on both sides of the roads for some sign of civilization.. Just something.. Anything :| after some 40 minutes i saw lights... Could it be? Was it a figment of my imagination.. Was i going mad from all the cold? No it was.. It actually was civilization :D all with resturants and stuff. Immediately jumping off our seats we rushed to the door to get out. The conductor was standing there..coz thats his place.. We gave the poor dude a scare..he thought we were going to push him off the bus :p so we got off in an area called Icha Pul or something like that :s so we found civilization, had two different things to eat at two different resturants :D after walking around a bit we decided to get back. We found the stop for going back. A guy came to us and asked us if the bus would come this late :/ and it was only 10pm or so :| after like 10 minutes we saw a rickshaw coming our way... Not taking a chance that he wouldnt stop we stepped in the way so he had no choice but to stop :p we got in and went home freezing.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i woke up a couple of mins back from the crackling sound of the nimco packet. This dude has been eating nimco for the past hour or so :| dont know how someone can eat all that nimco :/

peek-a-boo :o and the guy from the train resturant asks if we want breakfast :/ so had breakfast which was quite decent. And now staring outside at lush green fields :D

train stopped at kanpur or something and there is no GPRS available here so cant send this blog right now :/ back to staring outside the window :p

just had a talk with the boss in Lahore. company car will be waiting for me outside the train station. i still have no idea where the train is right now or when will it reach lahore :/ the family in the next compartment are awake, and so has the crying baby :/ like all he does is cry :/ The guy in my compartment is asleep again. damn he sleeps alot :|

ive been playing pacman 2 hours straight :D pacman on this cell is crappy though. it looks and plays well on my older cellphone :/ the train is supposed to reach lahore by 2pm... or so the schedule says :|

the dude's awake and i asked him how long will it take till we reach Lahore... he said by 4pm :| man this so sucks.

just got a call from the office. apparently there is no confirm time when the train will reach the station so they had to call the company car back coz there was alot of outdoor work pending and the car was urgently in need. now i have to make my own way to the office :( i will be reimbursed though :p

still no Lahore :| and the dude is asleep once again. not that there is anything else to do. its better he's asleep though, or else i would have to talk to him... which I dont want to :p

Lahore cantt :D wooohooo! finally. now its only a couple of minutes to Lahore train station.

there is no space on the platform at the station :| man this so sucks :@ been sitting here since last 15 minutes or so :/

at the Karachi station there are like radio cab and metro cab services, so i thought it would be same in Lahore as well.. after walking around for like 15 minutes and asking 5-6 people, who by the way had no idea what i was talking abt, i came to the conclusion that there is no radio cab or anything of the sort here... yes im so smart :p

so i got into the nearest rickshaw and told him where i wanted to go and i asked specifically asked him if knew that area and he was like.. maslaa hee koi nahi hay.. lay jaingay. the rickshaw started and got stuck in the traffic jam :/ after a while the traffic cleared and we were on our merry way. on the way i was looking at the direction boards and stuff.. then a board came for where i wanted to go and he didnt turn there :/ i was like.. bhai jaan pechay murna tha.. and he was like.. oh acha. so he missed the turn and we had to take a u-turn from the next signal :S after that he missed the freaking turn again :| i was like bhai kiya hua kyun nahi mur rahay.. he said.. bhai app ko bhi sahee maloom nahi hay kaha jana hay. i was like.. dude look at the freakn board.. how more clear could it be. i directed him the way turn by turn... and i dont even live here :p kher finally reached the office and from there to the company residence. from my house in Karachi to the Residence in Lahore it took some 24 hrs.

Edited: 14.12.07

Monday, December 10, 2007

Jaali Adventures

reached the train station with parents (they refused to let their little boy go to outside karachi with seeing him off at the station :/) on time. After inquiring a very weird kooli about the where abouts of the train we reached the proper platform and to the right coach.

after sitting in the whole compartment all alone for a while came in a middle aged man. Asking if he was at the place. Without the ability to read minds it was kinda hard to tell if he was or not... So i asked for the ticket and like a pro i read the ticket and said yes this was the place..where as i had to ask around a alot of people to confirm if i was at the right place :p hey ive never travelled in a train before :/ so after a couple of mins another guy peeks in the compartment as if he was playing peek-a-boo with us coz he peeked in alot of times before he asked if we knew where his particular seat was..again like a pro i popped up from my seat to read his ticket and told him the way :D if this new job doesnt work out then i can surely start doing this..but i dont think anyone would pay me for the directions though :/ oh and there is a very noisy family next doors :s its a good thing the door is kinda sound proof :D which is a good thing and a very creepy thing too if you think about it *nods* :|

so i was sitting and talking to my parents and suddenly i felt the boggi moving...and it was. Parents said a quick goodbye and got off the train. Now the train is at full speed...

the guy in my comp is fast to sleep already lol. hope he doesnt snore :|
next stop Hyderabad. Stay tuned for the next episode of Adventures of Jaali in Pakiland.


Thursday, December 06, 2007


testing email to blogger thingy...
We all imagine ourselves the agents of our destiny, capable of determining our own fate. But have we truly any choice in when we rise? Or when we fall? Or does a force larger than ourselves bid us our direction? Is it evolution that takes us by the hand? Does science point our way? Or is it God who intervenes, keeping us safe?

When we embrace what lies within, our potential knows no limit. The future is filled with promise. The present, rife with expectation. But when we deny our instinct, and struggle against our deepest urges... Uncertainty begins. Where does this path lead? When will the changes end? Is this transformation a gift... or a curse? And for those that fear what lies ahead... The most important question of all... Can we ever change what we really are?

Monday, December 03, 2007

you think you know what to write, but when you start writing you stop thinking and you end up with staring at the screen with a blank face :/ ive been doing that for days now, thus explaining the reason for not blogging. thinking never does anyone any good. you start thinking and the next thing you know youre in deep poo. you think about something so much and somehow that thing does work out, your head gets screwed and youre in deep poo again. so after a while you learn a very valuable lesson.... that sooner or later you'll end up in deep poo. its poo for life. you should learn to accept poo. denial wont do any good... coz its poo, its there.. and it stinks. a valuable art you could master though would be to flush. flush thy poo. life keeps making you end up in poo.. so you should learn to flush that.. and move on.. to the next heep of crap. that is the way of life. living from poo to poo.

ps: yes i know i dont make sense. sue me :p