Random Thoughts...: 02/01/2008 - 03/01/2008


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

im in one of those moods where i would care less about anyone. yes i know its rude and i dont care. im just pissed and depressed and this country is getting shittier year by year. before i came here, i dont actually remember being depressed or pissed off this much. i dont see the point to plan anything anymore, coz it just keeps blowing in your face. everything i have ever planned ahead for, everything that i have wanted so much... i was screwed each time. whats the point.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Jaali Adventures, Supermarket Stalker...

i dont really get much time during the week to do groceries and im too lazy to go on the weekend, so i decided to get em from the supermarket near my office on my way back home. Doing groceries in my neighbourhood is more like going to the general store and asking Iqbal uncle for the things i need. so i entered the supermarket and there was this girl standing there doing nothing but staring at people. so i thought may be shes bored or something. i went in and started browsing through the different shelves trying to remember what i was suppose to get. as i was looking at different brands of olive oil that same girl suddenly appears besides me and tells me not to buy that brand and recommends to buy the other one. im like.. ok and i moved on :/ as i started to walk to the other shelves that girl started to follow me. at first i thought maybe she needs something from there, but then it became clear that she was actually following me :| it turned out that she was a costumer support girl or something of the sort :/ after that wherever i went and whatever i touched she had something to say abt that thing and she would recommend either the most expensive or the most lamest of it :| at first it was kinda considerate of her to recommend, but then it was getting creepy. i even tried walking fast to the other shelves so i could lose her in the crowd or something, but there she was again and again :o she was stalking me! so basically her job was to stalk people and bud into everybody's shopping preferences. to derive the costumers nuts till they just buy what she wants you to buy and thus empty the stock that the administration wants to get rid of. it was like their evil plan to brain wash the costumers of their preferences and become zombies buying stuff that they want you to! :o evil people eeeevil!

how can someone shop knowing there is some person staring at you and everything your touching on the shelf and then giving their opinion abt every freakn thing :| its just creepy! so i kept getting stuff that i liked, the brand i use ignoring what she had to say abt it. in the end i came back to olive oil. so i picked a bottle and as i was putting it in my basket she said, app ko olive oil chahiay, i looked at her with a face saying duh! then she goes like app yeh wala lay rahay hain, i said haan olive oil chahiay aur yehi chahiay. then she says acha.. tou lay lain yeh :/ there were a few times when i came so close to tying her with duct tape and stuffing her in the freezer just so she would stop poking her nose in my shopping list :|

its not like im against customer support personnel, but there should be rule, a guide line given to them which strictly forbids them from talking to costumers unless spoken too and not become my mother giving her opinion abt everything i buy or want to buy :/ unless the supermarket administration wants to takeover the world starting by brainwashing the people and making them into senseless, mindless shopping zombies by the help of their supermarket stalkers! be afraid, be very afraid! *nods*